Friday, February 27, 2009

Where is the restraint in spending? Republican Response to Obama Budget Request - Bloomberg copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. On this fine day in February 2009, President Barack Obama submitted his budget blueprint. For the first time, in near a decade, transparency is built into a national financial plan. The tremendous costs to wage the two wars America is engaged in are no longer hidden. Outlays for military offenses have been written into the ledger, and not in the traditional invisible ink. While one might think fiscal and political Conservatives would be pleased, upon receipt of the document, Republicans immediately pounced. Senator Judd Greggspoke on the Grand Old Party's behalf when he asked, "Where is the restraint in spending?" Interestingly, Senator Gregg and his fellow Republican Legislators did not solicit answers to this inquiry when the last Administration reigned. For all those many years, the Conservatives did not concern themselves with the price the American people paid. None on the "Right" worried of what might be when "unnecessary"wars are fought The monetary debt left to American children was not a consideration when combat was paid for on credit. Then, as now, the greater trepidation was expressed for higher taxes. America attacked its adversaries with borrowed money and on time borrowed from the brood. As long as parents did not have to pay, or see the billions of bites taken from fruits reserved for their offspring, war, or supplementary spending was wonderful. What is not so glorious for the wealthy are the words of President Obama, or his plan to pay as we go. "Having inherited a trillion-dollar deficit that will take a long time for us to close, we need to focus on what we need to move the economy forward, not on what's nice to have," Mister Obama said. This statement did not...

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