Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Republicans Twitter. Jindal Rebuttal; A Tweet Bobby Jindal's Rebuttal to President Barack Obama's Address to Congress PT1 copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. The new President of the United States addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time, on February 24, 2009. Republicans were all a twitter. Grand Old Party Legislators, thumbs and fingers in flight, sent text messages to their constituents while Barack Obama stood before the nation and its leaders. Senators and Representatives from the Right were careful not to have their hands seen on camera. The persons elected to represent the people preferred to obfuscate the truth; they cared not what the Commander-In-Chief might say. As they anxiously awaited the voice of Grand Old Party, Governor Bobby Jindal, the person who would offer the Republican rebuttal, those on the right of the aisle refused to listen. Conservatives considered the speech as the regulations they lifted on bankers long ago, unnecessary. Those on the right thought Barack Obama's words as taxes. Text messages stated the Republican sentiment, "Give us a break." We need to bring transparency to Washington, D.C., so we can rid our capital of corruption . . . . Indeed, a break is what Americans have. The affluent have loopholes that enable them to break away from laws that require them to pay the tariff that supports society. Big businesses have lobbyists to do their bidding. Bankers have supplicants who regularly speak with members of Congress. Petitioners helped convince policymakers corruption is but the culture of depositories. Bailout will be beneficial. In this country, without funds for the greater good, for schools, roads, bridges, research, and development, we have a fractured system. Republicans and Democrats, at least in government, are also divided. The people, each of whom is poorer by the day, yearn for help. They will do the...

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