Friday, January 02, 2009

I Resolve . . . Something Could Change copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Come 2009, I will commence on a new path. I will exercise regularly, smoke not at all. A healthy diet will become my regime. On Monday, January 5, my life mission will be realized in my work. The opportunity to inaugurate again, to give birth to me at my best will inspire a rejuvenation. Today, I resolve to . . . not make a single New Years resolution. In truth, I never have committed to change. Yet, the person you see before you is not the same being that might have appeared on any other day, of any other year. I have evolved, and so do we all. As the New Year approaches, I reflect on a reality I see and hear everywhere. People far and wide seek a novel strategy, one that has never appealed to persons such as I. Most everyone is ready for a new reality. Individuals are intent. Now is the time to begin anew. Resolutions are rampant. No matter where an individual might reside, the calendar motivates people to review, reflect, and revise schedules that did not work as well as once envisioned. Pages in an almanac pass, and people presume, surely, these sheets of paper were meant to show signs of progress. Most ponder; twelve months of misery or mindless maneuvers. It is time for a change. Yet, the mantra few admit to on January 1st, is the one individuals maintain throughout their lives, 'people do not change.' Experts espouse there is evidence for this belief. Dr. Edward D. Miller, Dean of the medical faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, refers to the more than 70 percent of coronary bypass patients who revert to unhealthy habits within two years of corrective surgery....
The Qualified Quest for Justice Jews, Christians and Muslims Unite Against Evildoers copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. Just days ago, throughout the globe, people celebrated religious holidays. Peace on Earth and good will to all men was the palpable feeling that filled the air. Everywhere anyone turned expressions of fondness for our fellow beings could be heard. People were filled with glee. Then, suddenly, the sound that is the silent hum of joyous laughter was broken. Everything changed. Yet, indeed nothing did. The cycle of violence that has perpetually existed on this planet began again. The qualified quest for justice was once more the people's agenda. In Israel and Gaza, bombs blasted. Bullets whizzed by the heads of frantic, frightened people who sought shelter from another Mediterranean storm. Some died. Hamas was blamed for the initial attacks, this time. As had occurred on other occasions, Israel, in the name of self-defense, fought back. The roles might have been reversed and have been. Each believes the other is at fault. One force characterizes the antagonist as an occupier. Late in 2008, the people who are said to have been the provocateurs are tagged as terrorists. The monikers are interchangeable and have been for centuries. This recent barrage of words and weapons was not the first on sacred terrain. No one expects it will be the last. Apparently, today, as has been true for eons, people have accepted peace as a temporal occurrence. It is always followed by war. Pious people only pretend to honor the hallowed Commandment found in every faith, "Thou shalt not kill." In truth, on some principle not evident in scriptures, the Bible, the Qur'an, or other religious teaching, humans conclude all men and Not created equal. For the wise, the worthy, the wondrous creatures who believe all beings are created...

A being that believes . . . "thinking is the best way to travel!" [Mike Pinder, Moody Blues]

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