Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wolf Barack Obama Feeds Pt 1 - National Cathedral Message - Story of The Two Wolves copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. It was 11:22 Ante Meridian, on January 21, 2009. I did as I rarely do. I stood silently and watched television. As one who listens to what is aired, and does so from another room, this was an unusual occurrence. However, the Cherokee wisdom of wolves, an illustration that represents the internal strife within every human being beckoned me. Then, at the very same hour on the very next day, again I was compelled to do what is odd for me. I did not say a word as I glared at humanitarian actions took place on the screen. President Barack Obama proclaimed, by Executive Order, the United States would not torture. Nor would we, as a nation, detain presumed "combatants" without a just trial. On each occasion, I was in awe as I gazed upon what I had not imagined would come to pass. Upon reflection, the two events seem to be related. a On Wednesday, the voice of the speaker was unfamiliar to me. The narrative, she share was extremely familiar. Perchance that is why I was drawn into the calm drama as it unfolded before me. Reverend Doctor Sharon E. Watkins, in her candid manner, in the Inaugural Prayer, brought the Chief Executive of the United States to task. With knowledge of The Obama Administration's agenda, a plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan, Doctor Reverend Sharon E. Watkins shared a allegory and directly addressed the analogy. The President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) spoke to the President of the United States with intent. Her prayer was meant to be more than a homily, easily left in the home of the Lord. The passionate cleric conceded, the...
Geithner; Economic Expert? Geithner Apologizes for Not Paying Taxes copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. There are conventions, customs, and words, thought to be complementary. Consider; Fat and jolly. Short and sweet. Tax-and-spend-liberal. These words, while often far from tantamount, are in the minds of many, inexorably tied. I was fat. However, I did not feel jolly during those days, months, and years. I am short. Sweet? I am not especially so; nor am I sour. Balanced might better describe me, which takes me to the next paired, or triad of adjectives. I like my taxes progressive, my spending minimal, and I am a liberal. However, I do not support the oft-titled tax-and-spend-liberal Democratic President's appointment, Timothy F. Geithner. Perhaps, some would say, I do not appreciate the need for an economic expert. This duo of descriptive qualifiers, I believe, can be an oxymoron, just as the others might be. It seems those farthest "Left" on the political aisle may concur. Russell Feingold [Wisconsin Democrat], Thomas Harkin [Iowa Democrat,] and Democratic Socialist, Bernard Sanders [Vermont Independent] votednay when asked to approve Timothy Geithner for Secretary of Treasury. The case of Timothy F. Geithner and his confirmation may enlighten Americans and alter conventions associated with language. The new Treasury Secretary, his history, and who approved his appointment might help Americans understand that conjoined words provide a contrary perspective. Timothy F. Geithner has a troublesome history of unpaid taxes. While he apologetically addressed this serious concern in Senate hearings, he could not negate the fact that he, an "economic expert" made more than a slight error. A man who works with ledgers, looked past his own numbers. For four years, he left levees unpaid. Only an Internal Revenue audit, supposedly, helped him to realize his records were wrong. The most Progressive Senators thought this...

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