Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Have a Dream Obama's Hopeful Economic Speech copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. I have a dream. I dream of a day when Americans will separate themselves from a difficult past. I dream of a time when partisan politics will not divide us. In my dream, I see a nation united; one in which Black children, white, Brown, yellow, and red offspring, people of any race, color, or creed will rise above their own imagined limits. It is more than my hope, it is my vision that together, we as a nation can give birth to what others think unbelievable. I have faith that my fellow man and I can give birth to what was not thought possible. We can restore what was once good, and build what will be better. Old habits need not challenge us. These can be the catalyst for deep and authentic change. We need only begin. I have a dream. We will come together to construct the country our forefathers conceived of. The time for internal strife has passed. We must join as one to create a culture that cares. In a twenty-first century, we must not repeat the errors of the past. We must recognize there are jobs to expand, an infrastructure to install and strengthen, a fiscal system to fix, a health care structure to heal, and most importantly children to teach well. I have a dream. If we employ thoughtful policies, we will all be empowered. I aspire to be one among many in a community respectful of our environment. I yearn to green our homes, and clean our streets. I trust, if we invest in our infrastructure, stable careers will come. Jobs will continue into perpetuity if we do as we desire. I have a dream. Collectively, we can ensure that we will...
The Cost of Democracy Senator Bill Clinton? copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert. Democracy is in play. Politicians take their positions. The people ponder as powerbrokers decide. The stage is set. Tickets are for sale, but only for a select few. Thus is the scenario. Consider the scene. New Yorkers contemplate who might fill a probable vacant Senate seat. Should their representative, Hillary Rodham Clinton, be approved to serve, as Secretary of State, Governor David A. Patterson will appoint another to fill her chair. Therein lies the problem for many of the people in the Empire State. The Constitution allows a State's Chief Executive the authority to assign a seat to whom he, or she, thinks best. People, prominent and prestigious, such as Caroline Kennedy and Andrew M. Cuomo, vie for position, and constituents have no real say. She is the daughter of much beloved and laudable President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He is the son of the former nationally renowned Governor of the State, Mario Cuomo. Each has enthusiastic support from voters. If they two were candidates in an election, the race might be close. However, constituents will never have an opportunity to cast a ballot for the Senate seat. The consensus is the cost of a special election is prohibitive. Meanwhile New York Republicans revealed today, January 13, 2009, they are ready to pay the price for such a move. For the Grand Old Party the expense would be far less than the fee paid for another Democrat in the United States Congress. However, the Progressives intend to hold the line. In New York, just as in Illinois, where the Obama seat must be filled, budget concerns during a recession, one brought on by lobbyists, who influenced lawmakers, who then limited regulations, dictate a need for frugality. Those on the left of...

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