Friday, December 19, 2008

Confessions of Dick Cheney Dick Cheney Interview ABC News Cheney Aware of Gitmo Waterboarding copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. There was a break in the news. On Cable News Network Wolf Blitzer was noticeably moved. He excitedly reported; Dick Cheney confessed. Broadcaster Blitzer's words were a bit more tempered. He said, "This just coming into The Situation Room.??The Vice President, Dick Cheney, has given ABC News an interview and confirming now publicly that the Bush administration did engage in the very controversial interrogation tactic of waterboarding." The Commentator then asked America to listen to the clip.? ABC? News Correspondent Jonathan Karl inquired of the outgoing high-level government official, "Did you authorize the tactics that were used against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?" Without hesitation, the Vice President responded.? ?"I was aware of the program, certainly, and involved in helping get the -- the process cleared, as the agency, in effect, came in and wanted to know what they could and couldn't do. . . . (T)hey talked to me, as well as others, to explain what they wanted to do. And I supported it. Viewers vented. Some shifted nervously in their seats. However, The Judicial Watch was not amused. Nor were they elated. The answer was not the one this Conservative organization, hoped for, groped for, and searched for though the courts, for all these many years. Vice President Cheney did not confess to sins conceived long before September 11, 2001. He told said nothing of the maps and charts of Iraqi oil fields. Foreign suitors for Iraqi oilfield contracts were not discussed as they had been in March 5, 2001, six months and six days before the infamous September 11 attacks. No, Dick Cheney, spoke of none of what might have interested Judicial Watch. Perchance, those involved with this institute listened and wondered...
"Right of Conscience" Protections; Be Patient copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. She said, "If one is to pass, it will have to be my sister." Jennifer would not allow a baby to die. Although the newborn had yet to take a single breath, and was still safely tucked away in her mother's belly, Jenn decided the infant must live. Had she been an employee of one of more than 584,000 health-care organizations her word would have been considered a "right of conscience." Jenn would not be held responsible if she refused to treat the soon-to-be Mom who was also her sibling. A Bush Administration rule would protect physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other employees who decline to participate in care they think ethically, morally or religiously objectionable, from any repercussions. Medication, information, or any other assistance need not be given to someone a medical staffer considers immoral. If the Bush Bill is allowed to stand, those who take the Hippocratic Oath and those who work with Doctors need not do a deed they believe violates personal beliefs. On December 18, 2008, the White House decreed it would protect all Health Care Workers. This provision is thought to be a gift from G-d for those who are as Jennifer was, pious believers. As a devoutly religious soul, when confronted with the choice of who might live or who would die, Jennifer decided the relative she knew and loved for all her life could go. Jenn announced, "Babs had been a beautiful child, terrific as a teen. As an adult, Barbara was the best. Her existence on Earth had been short." "Yet," Jennifer cried with tears in her eyes, "Now, it is time for the baby to realize the joy of an Earthly existence." Jennifer had faith. 'G-d knows' were the words she oft uttered. It is...

A being that believes . . . "thinking is the best way to travel!" [Mike Pinder, Moody Blues]

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