Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hope for Hillary Springs Eternal Hillary Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Post copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Hope for Hillary springs eternal. This deed is done. Numerous accounts say the documents are signed. The die was cast, perchance before the public knew what they might say or do. Change has come; yet, it has been thwarted with but a single statement. Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State,according to news sources. Today, as more than a decade ago, First Lady Clinton is welcomed into the White House. Senator Clinton spoke of her certainty on the campaign trail. She trusted, once again, she could and would sit in the most esteemed Executive's residence. Indeed, the word heard on the streets is Hillary Rodham Clinton has succeeded. She found her way to the place she calls home. With the Chief Foreign Policy Officer appointment attained, a sense of her articulated desire is an action, faite accompli, Conventional wisdom is Hillary will realize her aspiration repeatedly. For now, that prophecy is but a oft-expressed faith. Years ago, the prominent First Lady crossed the threshold from the front. Today she enters from a side door. Tomorrow, or in 2012, the soon-to-be sanctioned Secretary intends to stride across the promenade, and then placed upon the path to the Oval Office. All the while Bill Clinton was, as he will be, by her side. Americans may recall the day the duo initially appeared on the national scene. From the first, when the people gazed upon the potential co-Presidents, up until, and through the 2008 Primary Election, the coronation of the Clintons, together, and one at a time, was expected. Moments ago, when the announcement was made, few gasped in amazement. Citizens have always known; America is Clinton country. The periodicals only print what was a foregone conclusion. Hillary...
Press; Personality, Opinion, and Profits Top Ten most ridiculous news stories copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Throughout America, the sun rises, sleepy souls awaken, and people turn to the media of choice. Millions move towards the radio. More power-up the television. Countless persons do as their parents did before them; they pickup newspapers, which lie in wait on the porch. People want to know what is the news across the nation, or at least they did just a short time ago. Today, perhaps surprisingly, most forms of media have far less appeal than they had just a few years ago. The ethnic press is still productive. What Wall Street classifies as "hyper-localism" appeals to the masses. It seems what survives and thrives in the press is personality and opinion. Unadulterated accounts are not of interest to those who think them selves highly informed. In survey after survey, Americans state they know their community and are very familiar with happenings in this country. They watch television. The public listens to the radio. People in this country read. Yet, indeed, the evidence demonstrates despite a wealth of information accessible to most, if not all, citizens of this country grow increasingly ignorant, unaware of more than what a popular program or a chosen channel wishes to air. No matter the age of the audience, according to The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press Americans know far less now than they did in 1989. In recent times, a Presidential Election, consumed the constituency for near two years. Yet, the electorate, who thought themselves actively engaged, actually knew less about politics than they had in decades past. Those who reside in the United States correctly speak of the incredible transformation; however, they do not wish to acknowledge Americans have been dumbed down. Sure, people may...

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