Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Common Sense Taxation CNN Crunches Obama and McCain Tax Plans The only question is as to sustaining the change [to higher taxes] before the people. I believe it can be sustained, because it does not increase the tax upon the "many poor" but upon the "wealthy few" . . . ~ Letter to William S. Wait, March 2, 1839, reprinted in Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, volume 1, p. 148. Rutgers University Press. (1953, 1990). I go for all sharing the privileges of government who assist in bearing its burdens. ~ Letter to the Editor of the Sangamon Journal, June 13, 1836, reprinted in Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, volume 1, p. 48. Rutgers University Press. (1953, 1990). copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. The chap was well-dressed as was his wife. She expressed her distain with her husband's choice. He would cast his ballot for John McCain in this election year. Taxes were his only concern. This lovely lady declared herself an active Democrat. She had been a Clinton supporter, Hillary that is. Now, she was decisively behind Barack Obama, and proud of it. I might not have known this or much else about the couple of strangers; however, in the year 2008, everyone seems anxious to share political concerns. Times, as the adage states, are "tough." Yet, life goes on. Families still celebrate birth dates, nuptials, and anniversaries. People continue to purchase gifts, although most do not feel they can afford to shop. Persons do not purchase until they drop. Instead, individuals in stores stop and chat of the financial crisis. They speak of fears and folly. Countless recount tales of pink slips received. Others anxiously await what they cannot predict. Will they soon be among the 6.1 percent unemployed Americans? Those in malls understand the woes and are apprehensive...
Fiscal Conservatives copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. In the tradition of the Grand Old Party, this election year Republicans had hoped they had nominated a fiscal Conservative. In March 2008, Columnist Bonnie Erbe mused; John McCain might return the messianic rule Republicans think "Right." The Journalist scribed. Is McCain the Return of the Fiscal Conservative? USA Today March 26, 2008 03:57 PM ET Ah, finally, one of the presidential candidates actually offers a common-sense approach to resolving the mortgage crisis. Sen. John McCainyesterday "derided government intervention to save and reward banks or small borrowers who behave irresponsibly . . ." The Senator from Arizona and Presidential aspirant has often spoken of the need to be economically accountable. Financial folly is conduct John McCain does not favor. John McCain rejects earmarks. He wants no Senator to spend dollars on local projects. He is proud of his rigid record; he has not supplied his home State with money for roads or bridges to nowhere. As President of the United States, the "maverick" Republican, will not reward capriciousness. Yet, perhaps he has and will when in the White House. Irresponsibility is a term not easily defined. American history illustrates, the interpretation varies dependent on how the arrears accrue and for whom. John the Caterer, Pam the Antique Shop owner, Tito the Truck Driver, or possibly, Jane the Dressmaker believe a responsible person takes care of them self first. Money in my pocket matters more than dollars for those on government programs. Uncaring or less than conscious of consequences; you dear reader decide. These small business entrepreneurs work hard for the cash they earn. In these tough times, John, Pam, Tito, and Jane cannot afford to contribute to the goodwill of others in their communities. They are strapped. In McCain Palin commercial after commercial,...

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