Monday, May 26, 2008

In Florida, Forging a New Future for America Forging a New Future for America copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. In Florida, it happened again, and then again, just as it did throughout the nation. At two Barack Obama assemblies, a seasoned voter saw what she never imagined. Betsy L. Angert marveled. People in support of Senator Obama do not come to see the Presidential hopeful. In small assemblages, or en masse those present at Obama election events enter with a deep desire to be part of a something bigger than themselves. Common working folks and professionals come to serve, not to be served. At each jamboree Miss Angert attended, she observed people were extremely patient and polite. No one pushed or shoved in a horde of hundreds, or in a throng of near twenty thousand. Conversations were not casual. Nor was interest in the event pedestrian. The people and the discussions were profound. A man in a dark blue suit stood sweltering in the sun. He, just as Betsy, arrived early on Friday. Each hoped to have a close encounter with the candidate, although neither expected to. The two understood that they were in Sunrise to be with others who were as they were, concerned citizens. John expressed excitement for an endeavor that captured much attention. He, along with others in the area, had advanced an award winning film, Sugar Babies. Human Rights was the issue of import for all those involved in the production, John among them. As he and Betsy stood in line he spoke of how another President, a Democrat, who presided more than decade ago, ignored what occurred in the Caribbean. When the former leader of this country learned of how children were mistreated in the Dominican Republic, he did nothing to help. The previous Chief Executive acted in accordance with the...
Clinton Calculations; The New Math and The Popular Candidate Hillary Clinton Wins Puerto Rico copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Monday, June 2, 2008 Dearest Senator Clinton . . . As much as I would wish to congratulate you on your win in Puerto Rico, I cannot. I offer my condolences. I trust that you hoped for a substantial victory. I have faith that you yearned to, as they say, "seal the deal." However, you Senator Clinton did not receive the delegates necessary to cinch the nomination. Nor did you bring a divided nation together. Indeed, Senator Clinton, the results of this most recent race in Puerto Rico give credence to the argument that you, dear First Lady, are a divider, not a uniter. Oh Hillary, I, as you, saw the tally. Tis true; on June 1, 2008, sixty eight (68) percent of Puerto Rican primary election voters, cast a ballot in favor of your candidacy. Yet, I observed as you might have, voter turnout was extremely low. Reports reveal that perhaps, twenty percent (20%), only one-fourth of those who characteristically participate in the colony's elections, bothered to vote in this recent Puerto Rican primary. It seems, residents are well aware that in the November presidential election, they do not count. You know this Senator Clinton. You spoke to this truth but a week ago. I heard the assurances you dear Hillary, and your husband offered. Each of you promised the citizens of Puerto Rico that if they helped you reach the pinnacle, if they endorsed your rise to the presidency, you would secure their fragile future as Americans. Hillary, I heard you and Bill appeal to the cardinal senses of Puerto Rican citizens. You and your spouse presented pledges as you never did. Full voting rights would be secured if only those who could cast a ballot...

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