Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barack Obama Venerates; Separates Self From Reverend Jeremiah Wright Barack Obama Repudiates Rev. Jeremiah Wright copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. At times, what is true for us, is not valid for those we cherish. The individuals we love most, who may have guided us through our life travel, do not experience the world as we do. People, even Pastors, are not always [W]right; nor are they necessarily wrong. People have perspectives, perceptions, and pain. Sadly, we humans, breakable beings that we are, are easily hurt. We rant and rage as we fight to survive. Souls are fragile. No one can save us, not G-d, or self. The enemy is within. The Almighty may give us tools. However, he cannot lead us from the temptation to defend ourselves when we believe we are wounded. Nor can the Lord help us to understand how, when we harm one, we injure many. Barack Obama understands this to his core. The hopeful Presidential aspirant addressed this truth. When a person, such as Doctor Pastor Reverend Wright is lambasted, he can and will either lay down and die or he will attack those who he believes attempted to mortally mutilate him. Few will simply remain silent when they feel as though they have been repeatedly stabbed. As serene as a man of the church may think himself to be, he too is human. Jeremiah Wright, in recent days, has offended many. He damaged the reputation of friend and foe. The learned scholar, wise as he may be, is as flawed as we all are. It is difficult to watch a man fall from grace and perchance it is more of a challenge to criticize one intent on self-preservation. This has been the dynamic for Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. How do we denounce the words of a man we have long respected without...
"It's the Economists Stu***!" Menendez: "Thank God" Economists Don't Make Public Policy copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Something momentous occurred and the news media said nothing. The press spoke of North Carolinian voters, and those in the Hoosier State. Citizens in these regions would cast their ballots today. The results, undoubtedly, would be significant. While no one, and nothing can lessen the impact of what is expected to ensue, before the polls closed, another event quietly occupied the attention of many. The occurrence is meaningful, noteworthy and will effect the election. A prominent person, one who had long remained neutral in regards to the Democratic primary race finally expressed his opinion. Mark Thoma is not a superdelegate. He is as most average Americans. Mister Thoma eats, sleeps, and imbibes fluids. He operates an automobile and fills his fuel tank. Likely, Mark feels the effect of high gas prices. While employed as an Economist, Professor Thoma seems to relate to the struggle many Americans speak of. The one difference between most citizens in this country and Economist Thoma is Mark prefers to view the world in balance. The man who works with monetary theories evaluates the pluses and minuses of each of the candidates' proposed fiscal policies. As he computes, he assesses assets and deficiencies. Trade and industrial concerns weigh heavily on his mind. Neither Democratic Presidential hopeful had prompted him to fear. Hence, Professor Thoma has observed the Presidential campaign and remained uncommitted. As recently as yesterday, a proposed gas tax holiday by one candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the lack of support for the same by the other, Barack Obama, did not evoke an endorsement from Economist Thoma. Perhaps, this nonaligned voter understands why superdelegates are reticent to speak of the dynamics within the Democratic Party. He is. As the race saunters...

A being that believes . . . "thinking is the best way to travel!" [Mike Pinder, Moody Blues]

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