Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, the Campaign, and Medical Coverage Issues Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Hillary Clinton copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Talk abounds. Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the comments made by Geraldine Ferraro are being discussed on every avenue. The former First Lady states we need to return to what is more real and relevant. I concur. Hence, I invite us to again consider Universal Health Care Plans or the prospect of what is not and will not be if we adopt the "Choice" proposal Hillary Clinton presents. Rarely do I pen a missive with little research or one that relates more to the personal than the profound. However, today I wish to take a moment to muse of what is for me, a reality. Dear reader you may have read the intimate details of my life, or more accurately my history with medical insurance, or the lack thereof. In Health Care in America; Uninsured, Underinsured, Universal Woes I disclosed what has been true for me, as an adult for all but a year. Although I was, am, and intend to be a well-educated, professional person, employed, and by all appearances extremely healthy, I have lived life on the edge. I am among millions of persons in the United States of America that is forced to think, "What if . . .?" When the unexpected occurs, I must face more than my fears of injury and illness. I need to gather the strength to heal a financial folly caused by the circumstances prevalent in a country that claims to care for its citizens, and yet, does not. I could go on and provide details offered in my earlier essay; however, there is no time today. I need to scurry. As corporations make many necessary cuts, I again find myself among the millions affected. Most of my...
Bush - Cheney Wanted in Vermont and in a Court of Law Bill Moyers Journal - Impeachment Panel Excerpt – PBS copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. The Bush – Cheney Presidency has provided this country with many strange and strained moments. George W. Bush, as a candidate for President, promised he would unite the nation, and indeed, he has. The majority of Americans on the "right" and the "left" do not approve of George W. Bush or his Administration. Singer, songwriter Neil Young hums of the disdain and contempt the country feels for the President. His lyrics speak of impeachment, and no one is bothered. Many hate the current Commander-In-Chief. Throughout the North American territory many muse, George W. Bush is the worst President ever. His Vice, who laughingly refers to himself as Darth Vader, perhaps, the stealth "decider," is no better. Some say Cheney was chosen to serve as Vice President, for he would not threaten George W. Bush as Commander-In-Chief. The two would co-chair or masterfully craft Executive power, and they have. Cheney's career has been marred by one disaster after another. Bush failed in business on numerous occasions. The two seem a perfect pair, a matched set, a dynamic duo, and a couple of criminals on the run U.S. towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney Reuters Wed Mar 5, 2008 7:31am GMT Washington (Reuters) - Voters in two Vermont towns on Tuesday approved a measure that would instruct police to arrest President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for "crimes against our Constitution", local media reported. The nonbinding, symbolic measure, passed in Brattleboro and Marlboro in a state known for taking liberal positions on national issues, instructs town police to "extradite them to other authorities that may reasonably contend to prosecute them".. This team holds the dubious distinction of being wanted in two towns,...

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