Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Citizens Vote; Democracy In Question copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. BeThink.org In this a Presidential election year, citizens of this country are intensely aware, every vote counts. The world witnessed, in State after State people scrambled to the polls. Voters of every age have turned out in large numbers. The sprint to the White House is on. Most every electorate wants to join in. the people wish to return to power. Much is at stake. The people want to participate in the process. In America, in a democracy, government is defined as organization that operates of, by, and for the people. The people choose who will represent them in the Executive and Legislatives Branches. Executives appoint persons to occupy Judicial seats. Supreme Court Jurists may serve the public for a lifetime. Legislators also have infinite influence. Members of Congress make laws and approve nominees. Thus, those who speak and stand in for the common folk have much power. Hence, it is essential, before the average Joe or Joanne casts a ballot they must be very well informed. When the American people vote they place their lives in the hands of a few. Access to the candidates is vital if people are to make an informed decision. During a Presidential election year, it is imperative that the people, one and all, be given an opportunity to meet and greet the hopefuls. A President of the United States is the single most important being on the globe. He or she is superior to all other officials who reside in this region. Since the United States is considered the world's only true Super Power, the President of this nation is virtually omnipotent, or at least some often act as though they are. It is for this reason the electorate must choose wisely. Each adult needs to ponder,...
Fragrances and Food; The Way to a Heart is Through the Stomach and Nose copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. BeThink.org We met in December. The year was 2007. He was a friend of my cousin's. The two were best of buds; they still are. Cousin Paul has known James for decades. Jim moved to my hometown only months earlier. He felt alone. James longed for a friend, locally. Paul introduced us on the Internet. After my relative played the mediator, the man in the middle, the means for a message, he asked if he might share our electronic mail addresses. James and I each consented, and from then on, we exchanged epistles directly. In letters, we liked each other. Admittedly, for us, the electronic medium was limited. We decided to share a drink together; although I let him know, I only imbibe water. James said that was not a problem. We arranged to get together at Starbucks. The coffee shop was near to his home and mine. Neither of us wished to share where we lived exactly. We were hesitant, cautious, or just not willing to chance the unknown. Today, speed dates are popular. For some, a minute or two is more than enough to determine whether he or she is the "one." Some believe in love at first sight. They know immediately when Miss or Mister Right walks through the door. From across a crowded room eyes meet, sparks fly; for many providence steps in. Cupid's arrows are manifest destiny. A gallant gent may meet a genteel girl and the two will gallivant forever. If a lady were to encounter a extraordinary lad in the last month of the year, by Valentine's Day, perchance the two would be wed. That is unless she eats garlic onions, or spicy foods. James enjoyed our first encounter. He took pleasure in our later luncheon. My...

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