Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clinton and Obama Offer Universal Health Care Plans; No Insurance Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate - Health Care Battle copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Senators Clinton and Obama, bicker as you might, neither of you have proposed Universal Health Care plans. Those who support you [plural] state a semantic argument attests to your authenticity. Many espouse "universal" means "to affect, relate to, or include the whole." Granted, all Americans will be changed by your plans. However, not everyone will be insured if either proposal is implemented. Indeed, every United States citizen can connect to the need for coverage. Universally, we recognize we are in quite a predicament. Whatever options are offered, the entire electorate will be forced to consider a personal response. Universality, or an appeal to the aggregate, perhaps better defines what each of you have designed or delivered. Have you Hillary Clinton or you Barack Obama introduced an actual Universal Health Care plan? No. Constituents concerns will be integrated into the agenda. However, the proposals you have presented to the public, do Not guarantee that life for those who currently are without health insurance will be any better than it is now. The only certainty Americans have is that some of what is will be altered, just slightly. Insurers will still control costs. Pharmaceuticals can continue to profit, and the poor persons in Middle America will remain insecure, underinsured, and yes, even uninsured. As one who for most of my adult life has not had insurance, I can assure you, that if a person lives paycheck-to-paycheck, they cannot afford insurance at any price! I could recount the times that I lay writhing in pain, slipping in and out of consciousness; yet, unwilling to call for help for I feared the cost. I might share the stories of how or when I went without treatment for the...
Clinton, Obama, Citizens; Our Children's Future is in Your Hands Children "Ringing" TV Ad copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert. Be it 3 Ante Meridian or 2 Post Meridian, a person proud to be a fighter will see enemies on every avenue. An individual who believes, if we are to bring about peace, we must communicate with those who do not share our values, will act on the courage of his or her convictions. A defensive stance, or a diplomatic demeanor, in a time of crisis will make a difference. On the issues, the two Democratic Presidential hopefuls are mostly, in agreement. Neither proposes the depth of change some had hoped for. However, each will and has altered history. Those on the "Right" are not wrong. Republicans purely reflect principles that call for freedom through independence. Capitalists, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs envision a world where every person, separately, is their own highest priority. Each man, woman, or child must fend for them selves. War is likely when those who inhibit the planet are not one. Sovereignty or a need to dominate, divides us. Individuality is the battle cry for those who think it possible to pull ones' self up by his or her bootstraps. Interdependence brings unity. A pugilist, even when declared a populace or a Progressive, essentially believes there are foes. An action antagonizes those whose heart is filled with fear. Reactive engagements rule when one is petrified, titles others as a threat, or labels some terrorists. When the Presidential aspirants are similar in scope, Americans must consider what some would argue is personal. However, in politics, as in life, all that we believe to be true is intimately our own perspective. Hence, citizens must choose what they think is best for them. When the telephone rings, at any hour, and children are fast asleep in cozy and comfortable chaises,...

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