Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Computer Ate My Vote copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. "The dog ate my homework," said young Jonathan. In those tender years, he hoped an authority figure would trust the statement to be true. As an adult, Jonathan grumbled in frustration, "The computer ate my vote." The concerned citizen wanted to hear no excuses. Just as he knew the sweet little pup on his lap never digested the paper he did not write, Jon understood; the central processing system did not devour the votes. Constituent choices were not read or recorded accurately. In January 2008, Jonathon, a New Hampshire resident, cast his ballot for Barack Obama, as did his wife, and their adult children. When asked by exit pollsters, Jon's parents proudly proclaimed, "We each voted for Obama." Neighbors on either side were loyal to Edwards. Colleagues were mixed. Dennis Kucinich was a favorite for Julie, Helene, and Amy. The three were outspoken in their support. While sentiments were mixed, very few supported the former First Lady, Senator Clinton. As Jonathon assessed all he heard and read he believed as the pundits predicted, Obama would Win by 18-20%. However, that is not what happened. Post Primary Election Day the results in New Hampshire are being questioned. By an overwhelming majority Barack Obama was expected to triumph. Clinton would not see her presumed coronation. People such as Jonathon and the pundits asked, "What happened?" Conspiracy theories abound. Americans are reminded, in the last three elections, a ballot cast through circuitry may not be a reliable tally. Critics, cynics, those who rebuff the idea that any authoritarian agenda might have caused, or effected, the capricious vote count offer evidence that the current system is clean. Experts evaluate, it is not the method, but the map that produced the unexpected. Preliminary analysis from Edison/Mitofsky, however, indicates...
Taxi To The Dark Side; Tales of Psychological and Physical Torture "Taxi To The Dark Side" – Trailer copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. Americans each have taxied to the dark side in recent years. Vice President Cheney, with the blessings of George W. Bush, was our guide. We were the followers. Citizens of the United States claim to care. Yet, collectively, we allow an Administration to torture detainees in Guantanamo Bay and at Abu Ghraib prison. Our fellow countrymen once honored the Rules of the Geneva Convention. This standards are now thought quaint. Americans no longer subscribe to the theory that intentional physical and psychological torment is a abhorrent. Violations of human dignity are accepted, even endorsed. Post-September 11, 2001, after the Twin Towers fell, so too did our moral compass. Americans do not believe that Human Rights must be honored. That is unless, the person in question is a United States citizen. On the afternoon of 9/11 Americans embraced any policy they thought would keep them safe. Congress signed the Patriot Act into law. From then on, people who disagreed with the Bush Administration were watched. Those that had no quarrel with White House policies were jailed. A dark skinned person with an accent unlike the one commonly accepted as native, was thought to be a terrorist. Telephone and wiretaps were considered necessary. Individuals willingly removed their shoes and permitted them selves to be the subject of body searches. Fear flourished and remains intact. For Americans, some shadowy authority will take control and keep us safe. Hope does not remain eternal. It no longer exists. Citizens in this country cannot see the light. They have slipped into the deepest crevices of cruelty. Even when Americans know they are about to commit a crime against humanity, they do not stop themselves. When in dire straits people perform as directed....

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