Sunday, December 23, 2007

Clinton, Obama, Edwards; The Three Are One Des Moines Register Debate: Advisors (full) copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. The Des Moines Register Democratic Debate was an event like no other. Gaffes, gossip, gushing, and gabble were all present and accounted for. Former Senator Mike Gravel was not. Nor was Congressman, and potential President, Dennis Kucinich. Each of these aspirants would have been happy to meet and speak with the people of Iowa, just as they have for months. However, they were intentionally excluded in this more formal forum. Excuses were made, and easily countered. Nevertheless, evidence to the contrary mattered not to the Des Moines Register. The Editors had spoken and so too would their ultimate first choice for the office of President of the United States speak. Hillary Clinton clones, and future Cabinet appointees would have an opportunity to commune with the local and television audience. America had all it needed on the platform, powerbrokers and their pawns, those the wealthy tell us are prepared to be President. The Register believes "preparedness" must be the primary consideration. Thus, they were ready to dispute any claims that they may be less than equitable. Interestingly, among the arguments, explanations, and assessments the Carolyn Washburn, debate moderator and Editor of the Des Moines Register offers an odd evaluation of the event. The prideful host reflects . . . I'm pleased to say reaction has not been all one-sided. I've received a slew of e-mails from people thanking us for a civil discussion that gave the candidates equal time, on important issues, with smart questions. Each person permitted to stand on the stage may have spoken for the same number of minutes. Nevertheless, The Register in its infinite wisdom did not give Presidential hopefuls identical access to the television audience. No one cannot deny that even among those...
Bulimia; Science of the Holiday Season and Food copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. The holiday season is the best and worst of times. It always was. The food is phenomenal. The feelings that fill a heart, mind, or is it my stomach can cause enormous misery. For a person immersed in the rituals of bulimia the latter weeks of the year are better than all others. Opportunities to indulge are ample during the holy days. The selection of food fare is far superior. Scientific research on food reaps ample rewards. The secretive practice of self-imposed solitary confinement causes much angst, or could, if one were not able to find an escape in food. Fortunately, a bulimic can and does take flight. She or he can sprint to the stores. There selves are filled with cashew nougat cookies. Boxes of these white wonders melted in her mouth. Delicate doughy dinner rolls lined every end display. These delicious buns were strategically placed in case a customer forgot to grab them when in the bread aisle. Buns sold for pennies. Christians, Jews, Gentiles, those who worship Jehovah, Muslims, Agnostics, Atheists, and more must love these doughy delights. While stuffing was a staple, in the winter, the cost was nominal, and the supply was grand. She could fill her shopping cart with boxes a plenty. In the dairy section, sweet and savory eggnog was available. This liquid ambrosia did not appear before or after the national celebrations. She could hardly wait for the New Year. Grocers would reduce the price on this stock and she would buy all she could. She would place the excess in the freezer and save these for another day. As America celebrated, so too did she. However, her festivity was a bit less conventional. She needed no lights, no tinsel, or tree. A menorah, or...

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