Sunday, November 18, 2007

Americans Ask to Hear From Dream Candidate, Dennis Kucinich ALL of Dennis Kucinich's replies @ 11-15-07 Dem. Debate copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. Once more Cable News Network hosted a Democratic Debate. I cannot begin to express how I felt about the exchange or the analysis that ensued. Anderson Cooper, who in an earlier Democratic Debate expressed his disdain for Dennis Kucinich, helped to assess the performances in a program that followed the main event. Two pundits, James Carville a political consultant to Bill and now Hillary Clinton and David Gergen, counsel to President Clinton shared their "objective" views on the candidates. Interestingly, Journalist John Roberts divulged that in Nevada, and perhaps in the hall, fifty-one percent of the Democratic voters support Senator Clinton. Might we extrapolate, the reactions to the Presidential hopefuls were filtered through a screen other than the one attached to our televisions. Yet, in cyberspace, we were able to read the views of common folks. Interestingly enough, Cable News Network provides a rare opportunity for Internet Citizen Reporters to express themselves. Through these more personal evaluations, we are able to experience a slightly more authentic glimpse into the electorate. I offer a few assessments for your review. Andrew Tossetti of Amherst, Massachusetts
 Kucinich is a consistent thinker. Specifically, he voted against the Patriot Act as well as the war, two things we as a nation are perhaps regretting and are at the forefront of modern political topics. This kind of foresight is essential in a leader. "What if we had a president who got it right from the beginning?" he asks. This was a powerful thing to say that needed to be said. He is indeed worthy to be our president, the son of a truck driver who worked his way up while not abandoning very important moral and humanistic considerations. As a...
Thirty-Five Years of Hillary Experience. Do We Want Eight More? Bill Clinton: We Need New Experience in Washington copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. Each and everyday we hear the drum beat, the drone of a dynamic Presidential hopeful. Hillary Clinton howls and hollers; "I have thirty-five years of experience. Numerous beings question that truth. Those not in Camp Clinton retort. Perchance, she might claim she has six decades of familiarity, for indeed, Senator Clinton was first planted on this planet some sixty years ago. The esteemed former First Lady wants Americans to believe that her time in the White House was invaluable. The years she spent in "public service" make her infinitely qualified to hold the office of President of the United States. At times, it seems the Senator believes she already held this honorable post. She, with her husband at her side, guided the country. Bill and Hillary brought prosperity to America. The two, wish to do so again. Bill Clinton [affirms] Hillary wants me to restore America's image. Citizens are lead to believe, the Clintons can, and will, heal all wounds globally. Hillary Clinton persuades US, the American electorate, the job of Commander-In-Chief is a challenging one. Amateurs need not apply. Hillary knows. She has been there and done that. As the Presidential hopeful spoke to the citizens of Iowa, Clinton clamored . . . "There is one job we can't afford on-the-job training for - our next president. That could be the costliest job training in history," Clinton said. "Every day spent learning the ropes is another day of rising costs, mounting deficits and growing anxiety for our families. And they cannot afford to keep waiting." The Presidential candidate claims to be trustworthy, and above reproach. Yet, as we assess her record we discover there is much to question, and more to criticize. The Former...

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