Sunday, July 01, 2007

Supreme Court Rules; Brown Versus Board of Education Reversed Affirmative Action: Separate But Equal copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. It is official Brown versus Board of Education has been reversed. Providing equal education opportunities to all children, regardless of race, color, or creed is no longer a priority. The 1954 Court decision that invalidated the principle of “separate but equal” was overturned on June 28, 2007. This day will live in infamy. In another of the many recent 5 to 4 split decisions, the neoconservative Supreme Court canceled the promise made to students of color. School integration, which was once considered essential, as of today, is no longer practicable. Perhaps, more accurately, the work needed to improve the quality of education for those living in impoverished areas was not pleasurable. Now, efforts to unify schools need not continue. Endeavors to integrate are illegal. Today’s Supreme Court ruling has basically nullified the construct of racial equality in the schools. According to the majority, Affirmative Action is no longer thought just. The conservative Justices deemed this principle an illogical inconvenience. The Judges in the majority stated students in white enclaves or Black must travel too far to ensure equal access to quality schools. Justice Roberts declared.The districts ''failed to show that they considered methods other than explicit racial classifications to achieve their stated goals.''Perhaps, the school system did not demonstrate a means for combating what is the convention. Schools do not have the power to force people to integrate their local neighborhoods. Educational institutions are not able dictate who lives in what community. After receiving this ruling, Districts must relent, cease, and desist. School Districts will not have the option to open enrollment to those that do not reside in their region. Oh, if they could; schools might possibly be given an opportunity to truly teach tolerance. However, for...
The I. [Scooter] Lewis Libby Story. Project for the New American Century Project for the New American Century copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. The life of I. [Scooter] Lewis Libby is a long, stunning, and sometimes inglorious tale. However, this story for the most part remains a secret saga, a surreptitious legend, even though it is the subject of much scrutiny. Today this chronicle continues. After the esteemed adviser to the Vice President was convicted on criminal charges, and repeatedly told he must serve time in prison, regardless of filing an appeal. President Bush reached out to his fine friend and said you have suffered enough. Indeed, Bush Spares Libby 30-Month Jail Term. Will wonders never cease, or will they ever begin. Many thought this President’s decision was as expected. After all, the former Chief of Staff Libby is not only liable for sharing State secrets, he is partially responsible for the “Rights ” rise to the top. There is ample reason to believe I. Lewis Libby helped get George W. Bush elected. Scooter secured the Intelligence that provided a means for the Bush plan, a war on Iraq. The President and Mister Libby have a long-standing relationship. Much of the story is yet to be revealed, and we know not whether we will ever have all the details. Nonetheless, we can probe into the past as best as we are able. I. Lewis Libby is not an open book. He does not disclose more than he needs to. However, we do know a bit of his history. Fortunately, in 2005, Slate Magazine Journalist, John Dickerson furnished a few revelations. Mister Dickerson asked the question that has never fully been answered “Who Is Scooter Libby? The response was as mysterious as the man himself. The author noted “Scooter” is “a brash Texan who has plotted the President’s advance for twenty-five...

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