Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free Flow of Information Act or Bloggers Beware Society of Professional Journalists; Defending the People and the Press copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. Bloggers beware; the Bush administration thinks you are a threat. According to federal officials if the most recent version of the Free Flow of Information Act is approved there is ample cause for concern. The country will be in danger. Bloggers might be rebels in disguise. Indeed, some do not hide behind a cloak of darkness. They proudly proclaim, they are insurgents. Nonetheless, the definition of a rebel is in question, as is the characterization of a reporter. The burning question is, 'Can a radical also be a reporter?' We may never know. The terms of Free Flow of Information Act has been bantered about for years. This measure is now pending in the House and the Senate. If passed, as is, bloggers would be granted perilous privileges said Rachel Brand, Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Policy."The definition is just so broad that it really includes anyone who wants to post something to the Web."Brand spoke at a recent House Judiciary Committee meeting. The Assistant Attorney General empathetically stated this proposed plan would shelter "a terrorist operative who videotaped a message from a terrorist leader threatening attacks on Americans." In its latest form, the document specifies a "covered person" includes a blogger. Citizen journalists would be protected from prosecution under the "reporters shield." The Internet publishers would be awarded the right to withhold the names of confidential sources. While this is the latest deterrent to the passage of a federal shield law, it is not the first. Federal officials, political pundits, and prominent scholars, have argued against this legislation for a years. Thus, ratification has long been delayed. In October 2005, the discussions were rampant and ripe.Senators: Bloggers...
Bush; Historic High. President’s Performance Low in Polls Newsweek poll: "51% of ALL voters impeachment a priority! copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. Six months ago, in a NewsweekPoll the people favored impeachment. However, that did not happen. What has occurred is President Bush has hit an all time high, a new low in political surveys. His approval rating has dipped down to twenty-six [26] percent according to the most recent Newsweek Opinion Poll conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International. George W. Bush, a man that often states history will judge his performance, and polls numbers are meaningless, leaves a legacy comparable to that of Richard Milhous Nixon. In January 1974, seven months after leaving the Oval Office in disgrace, President Nixon’s approval ratings were grim. The numbers approving of the two-term President plummeted to a low of twenty-three [23] percent. As well as George W. Bush is doing statistically, he has yet to achieve what the man mired in the Watergate Scandal did. Perhaps impeachment is the current President’s goal. He may wish to accomplish a mission more historic than any other President. Mister Bush is certainly well on his way to realizing what no other Commander-In-Chief has. With little effort George W. Bush’s could surpass the Nixon record. George W. Bush has realized what Jimmy Carter was unable to. President Carter’s popularity plunged to twenty-eight [28] percent in a Gallup poll conducted in June 1979. Jimmy was never able to compete with Dick. Yet, as we can see, George is doing well. Were Mister Bush assessed solely on his war record, the numbers would be better.A record 73 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Bush has done handling Iraq. Despite “the surge” in U.S. forces into Baghdad and Iraq’s western Anbar province, a record-low 23 percent of Americans approve of the president’s...

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