Monday, June 18, 2007

World Refugee Day 2007; Mourn “Necessary” Migration Celebrating World Refugee Day copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. I cannot sit comfortably in my cozy home, at my glorious computer [The Old Soul] without crying out in pain. Throughout the world, today, more so than yesterday, or last year, we witness man’s inhumanity to man. Forty million persons, men, women and children crouch on street corners, squat in small rooms, sit in squalor, and wonder if they might survive. Some are in better circumstances. They have found homes; however, they remain in exile from their families, friends, and all that is familiar. The United Nations Refugee Center tries to reach out; they have for more than half a century. This organization works to promote awareness. Yet, they need our help. For those that remain as I do snug in my surroundings, it is difficult to relate to a life so challenging. Nonetheless, I believe we must try and keep hope alive. In Iraq alone the continuous flood of violence has left many homeless. In December 2006 the Guardian Unlimited reported findings that were distressing then.A report (pdf) by Washington-based Refugees International said an influx of Iraqis threatened to overwhelm other Middle Eastern countries, particularly Syria, Jordon and Lebanon. Last month, the UN estimated that 100,000 people were fleeing the country each month, with the number of Iraqis now living in other Arab countries standing at 1.8 million. Today's [December 7, 2006] report came, as George Bush and Tony Blair were due to discuss the situation in Iraq, which the bipartisan Iraq Study Group yesterday described as "grave and deteriorating". Refugees International said the acceleration in the numbers fleeing Iraq meant it could soon overtake the refugee crisis in Darfur. "We're not saying it's the largest [refugee crisis], but it's quickly becoming the largest," spokeswoman Kristele Younes said....

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