Monday, June 25, 2007

Sex in America. Sexual Behavior and Selected Health Measures Study copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. Sex is in the city and in the country. Americans are aroused and sizzling. They are hot and ready to trot. Numerous are running rampant. Others await Mister or Miss Right; these persons are tenuously evaluating the situation. Some saunter into the sex scene. A few wait on the sidelines. Many find more than one partner that pleases them. Nonetheless . . . Ninety-six percent of American adults have had sex. According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Sex study finds men far more likely to play the field. Women are doing the deed as well; however, these recent finding suggest feminine wiles are used sparingly.[Twenty-nine] 29 percent of American men report having [fifteen] 15 or more female sexual partners in a lifetime, while only [nine] 9 percent of women report having sex with [fifteen]15 or more men. The median number of lifetime female sexual partners for men was seven; the median number of male partners for women was four.We might contrast this information with an earlier, 2004 analysis, and realize numbers do not tell the whole story.For the first time since the government began the National Survey of Family Growth in 1973, more girls (47 percent) say they have had sex than boys (46 percent).We cannot be certain why younger women are doing the deed more than they once were. Nor can we establish that the results from one study represent the sexual exploits of all men, women, adolescent boys, and girls. Age matters, as does the era. Exposure to the elements is a consideration; Sexually Transmitted Diseases, may alter the dialogue and influence the doings. Trends may elicit a changing moral standard. Perhaps, among adolescents, the feminine factor differs; possibly, it does not. Young men now may be as they...
Impeach. Support Increases for Censure of Cheney and Bush Dennis Kucinich Move To Impeach V.P. Cheney Gains Support. copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert. The quiet little man from Ohio is making gains. His mission is not yet accomplished; nor is his objective vengeful. Honesty and integrity are his vision. Congressman Dennis Kucinich does not think the President of the United States governs the people, or presides over the public as a ruler might. Presidential Candidate Kucinich believes in a higher moral standard. He has faith the person that holds the office of President has the power to bring peace to this planet. The former Mayor also holds that the Vice President must act with honor. He asserts neither in our current Administration does. The Congressman claims as do others that are joining him in expressing their concerns, we must work to impeach this George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. John Conyers proposed the impeachment of the President many months ago. While the Congressman had support for the measure, House Resolution 635, [636 and 637] that movement languished under the weight of the idea we must wait, or not pursue that path for reasons that trouble the calm and peace seeking Congressman Kucinich. Dennis Kucinich observes that the current White House focuses on defense, destruction, and a deliverance from “evil.” This concentration does not benefit or befit a President and his or her Cabinet. Yet, the Bush - Cheney clan contends they must lie, cheat, and steal to secure our shores. The Congressman thinks not and has said so for quite some time. After months of appeals to an apathetic public, an extremely cautious Congress, or people that just feel powerless, there is a little bit of movement. Today, in my own life two persons expressed a belief that the “electability” factor they clung to may not serve...

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