Saturday, May 19, 2007

Speaker of the House Pelosi Wants You; Request Impeachment Colonel Wilkerson's on Bush Impeachment The talk is telling. Throughout the Internet and at a screen near you, probably within an electronic communiqué the word is out. The people want the President and his Vice to step down. Since they avow, they will stand and deliver while staying their course. The public must act. Congress has delayed too long. Perhaps our Representatives think the citizens would not stand for such a "radical" move. We must tell our House [and our Senate] we are ready for impeachment. We, the people must call for censure. The Speaker of the House is finally considering what many thought long overdue. Nancy Pelosi is seeking public opinion. The Congresswoman wants to hear from you. I invite you to consider what you know, and a reference or two below. Ponder this plea. Please, I beg, I beseech you; reach out, and touch the telephone keypad. Address the Congresswoman from California, the nation's Representative, 'Madame Speaker, I understand you want to know what I, an American citizen committed to the Constitution thinks.' After all, Nancy Pelosi is asking. Perchance the Speaker of the House recalls and honors the principles of our forefathers. This government is of, by, and for the people. We the people must stand up and be counted. Please be part of the tally.Subject: Pelosi - Phone Tally for Impeachment! Speaker Pelosi Has Started a Phone Tally for Impeachment! House Speaker Pelosi's office is taking calls urging Impeachment of Bush/Cheney at 202-225-0100. If you want impeachment hearings, call and ask at least 10 others to call. It needs to happen fast and Now! Call the Speaker's office with demands for Impeachment of Bush AND Cheney. Please call As Soon As Possible, and forward this email widely. Thanks!I called. I was asked where I live. Then...
Call For Impeachment; Sign the Petition. Alberto Gonzales Must Go The President won't fire him -- but YOU can. YouTube. © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert. My hope is to recruit a volunteer force, one that does not enlist for they need the funds to secure their future. I long to enroll unpaid assistance committed to the cause. Let us clean the government and grant justice for all. My plea could go on and on. There is much evidence to substantiate claims. Our current Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales is unfit for his commission.So discredited has Gonzales become since Congress began looking into the firings of eight U.S. attorneys that the Senate plans to take a no-confidence vote that, while non-binding, will tell the White House that only Gonzales' departure will satisfy. Five Republican senators have urged Gonzales to resign, and even Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, a zealous Bush supporter, said of a possible resignation, "When you have to spend more time up here on Capitol Hill instead of running the Justice Department, maybe you ought to think about it." The calls for the resignation or impeachment of the impaired Attorney General are climbing daily. After last week's disclosure, revealing that Alberto Gonzales is a man on the run, and has been since before taking his current position, more Republicans are relenting. Those on the "Right" say this man has got to go. He runs from the law. He races to the sickbed of his superior, intending only to persuade, dissuade, not to console. Alberto Gonzales leaps to conclusions and consults only with his cohorts, regardless of criminal intent.Gonzales Hospital Episode Detailed Ailing Ashcroft Pressured on Spy Program, Former Deputy Says By Dan Eggen and Paul Kane
 Washington Post.
 Wednesday, May 16, 2007; A01 On the night of March 10, 2004, as Attorney General John D. Ashcroft lay ill...

A being that believes . . . "thinking is the best way to travel!" [Mike Pinder, Moody Blues]

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