Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Alert. Activism, Immigration. April 10, Here Again > Coverage of Spring 2006 Immigration Rally in DC April 10 is here again. We must assess ourselves, our principles, this our nation of immigrants. As you listen to the voices, you may hear your own voice, or realize that others are thinking as you never have. Please reflect and revisit the issue of immigration in America. Events are scheduled in 2007. Perhaps Immigration laws affect a person near and dear to you. Might you participate and make a difference. Please peruse the details below. Travel through cyberspace and find a community near you. They are seeking your assistance. April 10 is a day for action. the Fair Immigration Reform Movement is asking for your assistance. Activities are planned throughout the country. Some occur today, others in the days to come. It is never too late to be involved in Immigration Reform. Coordinated by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, the Gamaliel Foundation, National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities, the Border Communities Alliance for Human Rights and hundreds of grassroots organizations around the nation, immigrant communities and allies will call on Washington to deliver Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW!! Stop Tearing Apart Families! Stop the Raids and Deportations! Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now! Find An Event Near You! On April 10 – 1-year commemoration of our massive mobilizations against hate, HR4437 During the current Congressional Easter Recess (April 2 – April 13)- we are calling on organizations from across the country to engage in the following actions: On April 10 kick off of a major letter writing, e-mails, and personal items campaign Organize Town hall meetings with Members of Congress to ask for their commitment to family unity, an end to raids, to deportations and to pass CIR Organize Marches and rallies with children and families Educate our communities on...
We Won! Guiltless? Affluent White Athletes Speak to America First Look: Duke Rape Case (CBS News) © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert Intentionally, I have avoided the hype, the hypocrisy, and the hysteria surrounding the Duke Lacrosse players and the woman frequently described as a "stripper." I did not wish to discuss my disgust for I feared my own rage. Revenge, for me, is never sweet. Racism, is a bitter pill. However, the taste of it stays with me in every passing moment. Finally, I can stay silent no more. I must flush out what I believe is folly. The "case is closed." Yesterday afternoon, I was in the television room for a moment. I rarely spend time in that area of the house. The set is turned on for white noise. Nonetheless, in an instant I was mesmerized. In a glorified press conference, accolades abound. Justice was served. I was stunned and sickened! Regardless of a legally defined rape, a subtlety violent, destructive, and abusive action took place. A horde of young men indulged in the titillating event. Apparently, based on the outcome of the case and most of the discussions in this last year, the fact that any women would feel a need to submit to such misogynistic mistreatments in order to feed her family and herself, is not deplorable; it just is. Some in the press and public do not think race plays a role in this story; class is only a consideration. However, I think this incident speaks to a society in trouble. For me the party atmosphere alone causes me great trepidation. As I searched the Internet seeking documentation, I discovered "T and A," or euphemistically know as breasts and bottoms. This incident began when a single mother, enrolled in a college that serves a primarily Black population accused three men of rape. The...

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