Friday, April 20, 2007

War of Words. Bloggers, Broadcasters, Rappers Code of Ethics Oprah on Imus (Public forum with Russell and others) 2 © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert In this tome, I am not advocating autocratic censorship. I ask each of us to look within and consciously choose an empathetic ethical code. "There is a problem." However, Americans do not agree what the problem is. Sexism, racism, homophobia, violence, or the words we use to promote such social ills. For weeks, language has been in the news, on the blogs, in the airwaves, and in music-industry executives meeting rooms. Free speech is the topic in question, as is the power of words. As children, we learned that "Sticks and stones may break our bones; but names will never hurt me." In fact, the opposite is true. Words and the inferences can cause greater, and more last injuries than twigs or rocks might. The body heals far better than the heart does. After receiving numerous death threats, blogger Kathy Sierra called on the blogosphere to confront the culture of cruelty in cyberspace. This active author and public speaker, fears for her life. Missus Sierra recently canceled public speaking engagements and suspended her site. On her weblog, Kathy Sierra writes . . .If you want to do something about it, do not tolerate the kind of abuse that includes threats or even suggestions of violence (especially sexual violence). Do not put these people on a pedestal. Do not let them get away with calling this "social commentary," "protected speech," or simply "criticism." For weeks, Missus Sierra has been immobilized. After becoming the focus of ample threats, inclusive of a post that featured a picture of her next to a noose, she stated . . ."I have cancelled all speaking engagements. I am afraid to leave my yard, I will never feel the same. I...

A being that believes . . . "thinking is the best way to travel!" [Mike Pinder, Moody Blues]

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