Monday, April 02, 2007

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; Bush Loyalty Factor Bush Calls Gonzales © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert It is but a blurb in the Las Vegas Sun News, March 28, 2007. What might this mean? It seems from appearances George W. Bush is no longer indebted. Services were rendered; dues were paid. Now, the obligation has been obliterated. A wealthy businessman has been given his pink slip and shown to the door before his promised position was realized.White House Withdraws Ambassador Nominee March 28, 2007 Washington (AP) - President Bush has withdrawn the ambassadorial nomination of a businessman who donated money to a group that undermined Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign.Remember when George W. Bush was known for his loyalty? Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, I would be worried. You might be next. What was that you said Mister Gonzales? Your family needs you. You will leave the White House to spend more time home with them. That might be wise. It would be an embarrassment if the nation's number one attorney was called to testify and then invoked the Fifth Amendment. Then again, Mister Attorney General, you have given George what money cannot buy. You did his dirty work; you did it well. Perhaps, you will be spared. Just yesterday, the President said, you, Attorney General Gonzales, have his support. Upon reflection Mister Attorney General, perhaps your post may not be secure. I recall, just before the former Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA], Michael Brown was dismissed, President Bush said publicly, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." Oh, Mister Gonzales, I am so confused. What is the going rate for years of favors? Might you have paid your dues, or does this not matter. Perchance, there is a book deal or a Board of Directors awaiting your arrival. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and...
Bush Cuts Funds For Troops. Is Veto Victory? © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert Murtha Slams Bush for Veto Threat Please pardon the obligatory commercial prologue. Bush Renews Veto Threat Dear President George W. Bush . . . I was among the Americans willing to settle for some semblance of support for the troops. I was willing to say bring them home months from now; although it seems to me a time in 2008 is more than a year. Nevertheless, I called my Congressman and said please sign on to the silly Bill, the one setting an absurd and somewhat arbitrary time for bring the soldiers home. However, in each of my conversations with Congressional Aides, I added my truer feelings. I want the funds cut! It seems that now, you do as well. I did not want the troops to travel abroad, to bomb innocent children and civilians. Placing servicemen and women in "harms way" never seemed wise to me! The reason for this war and for the "rally 'round the flagpole" was always obvious to me. Ego and egocentric attitudes abound! America and its President arrogantly presumed to know what is best for people in the Middle East. Posturing and propaganda were produced to support this swaggering stance. If there was a battle to be had, my position was and is, let those that think there is reason to go to war go. I am not referring to the young and agile, those led into service for they need the funds just to survive, I am speaking of the nations leaders, those that posture that combat will protect us [and our interests.] That is enough of my musings. I am writing to state, George, you have the funds for the troops now. Congress gave these to you!The Senate today defied a White House veto threat and...

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