Friday, March 23, 2007

John Edwards to Discuss Wife's Health, Campaign, and Country © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert Please view the Edwards interview. Charlie Rose: December 14, 2004 The news and notes prompt this treatise. As I sat here tonight, gathering my thoughts, a voice heard rooms away jarred me. I could barely understand the words. I only knew something was wrong, terribly, terribly wrong. A journalist said something of John Edwards and the effect of this news on his campaign. Recalling how important family is to Presidential candidate Edwards, the history of his wife's cancer, I wondered. Only weeks ago we witnessed, Senator Edwards is able to weather media storms. The tone of the newscaster led me to believe this event was a tempest. Last evening I wrote of Dennis Kucinich, a candidate for President in 2008. Several Progressives relented; although they agree with Congressman Kucinich philosophically, they fear he does not have a chance. Charisma is not his strong suit. Popularity equates to electability. Many mused they were considering former Vice Presidential contender John Edwards. The Senator is powerful, persuasive, and principled, and profound on numerous issues. As of last evening and this morning, the persons in the cyberspace community were claiming John Edwards is their choice. For these Liberals a small step into the White House may yield benefits for Americans. A foot in the door is better than nothing at all. In reading the comments on my Kucinich missive, I concluded John Edwards may be the Left's last hope in 2008. Then, tonight, I heard. Perhaps his campaign may be in trouble. Bloggers are not the cause; nor have they led the candidate down a path of "crisis management." John Edwards has long been known as a family man, a gentle soul deeply connected to his family. His wife, Elizabeth is his best friend. We know that years...

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