Sunday, March 11, 2007

Troops Out Now Coalition Calls for Citizen Action © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert Many of you may feel as I do. I wonder why does the war in Iraq, in Afghanistan continue. I feel hopeless, even now with a Democratic majority in Congress. In truth, I did not celebrate the Democratic win in November 2006. For me, until actions are taken, and policies put into practice, I feel no reason to rejoice. Currently, the Democratic majority is not doing much better than the Republicans did. Conservatives are not inclined to impinge on the power of the President. Centrists are concerned; dare they be thought too Left or Right. The anti-war contingent is anxious. Might they regret moving too far or too fast. Each day while Congress patiently convenes, Americans sit comfortably in their cozy homes, apathetic or pounding away at the keys at their electrically powered computers, actively protesting the wars. Meanwhile, civilians, children, and soldiers are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. As citizens in this country ponder the blood spilled and scream, 'We want justice,' life [or death,] in the Persian Gulf goes on as it has for years. Bombs fall; bullets blaze, and bodies plummet to their death. What were once daily rituals are doomed. Citizens in the Middle East cannot find calm. They may pretend to go about their day-to-day doings as they did in the past; however, they cannot. In recent years, normal is avoiding sniper fire, finding shelter from shootings, scrupulously searching for suicide bombers, chatting while walking in a combat zone, or awaiting a home invasion. Peace is merely a postulate. Americans can make a difference. Troops Out Now Coalition is calling for citizen action. Tell members of Congress to cut off the funds. Reach out to your Representatives in Washington and say, "Use the Power of the Purse!" Troops Out...
Devil "Bush" Mired in the Details. Immigration and Imperialism Policies © copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert Protestan por llegada de Bush. In early March, the White House let it be known, George W. Bush, the self-defined compassionate conservative, was planning a trip to a South America and Mexico. Protesters anxiously awaited his arrival. They said so loudly and vehemently. Now that the "Ugly American" is in Guatemala, citizens are expressing much anger and distress. The man referred to as the "devil" by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is witnessing what occurs when our actions are arrogant, words are duplicitous, and ideological illusions rule. Imperialism is the cry. President Bush was hoping to belatedly fulfill his earliest campaign promises. In 1999 and 2000, candidate Bush stated he would work to improve relationships with countries South of the United States border. He reiterated this claim when he first took office. However, he did nothing to strengthen our associations. In fact, he did much to alienate our neighbors. Seven years later life in the south has changed, all for the worse. George W. Bush ignored our neighbors and many of the problems that existed within these countries. He did not nurture relationships. He neglected the idea of Internationalism once promoted. The President invoked savage polices that created greater strife within these nations. People in South America are not satisfied with empty commitments and they are saying so. They are less pleased with what has happened in their countries with thanks to the world leader. Thus, upon his entrance, President Bush did not receive the reception he expected or desired. In his attempt to eliminate "illegal" immigration, George W. Bush has authorized large prison camps. With little regard, this kinder, gentler President separated individuals from their families. He and his Administration treat these migrants inhumanely, isolating captives for long periods. Government officials hold émigrés for...

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